1 – Batch Editing … Loading images

To start the batch editing process we first need to grab some images that we want to change.

Click the Add button and select the folder containing your images for processing. Select individual images if not requiring all to be processed by using (Shift & Left click ) or select all the files in the folder ( Ctrl+A) then select Open button at bottom right. This process is seen in Fig 1 and Fig 2.

add photos

Once the images are loaded into the editor the first image is displayed and a list of all the images selected is shown at the top of the editor window ( C )

If you have loaded images that aren’t required, select them from the list at top and click the X button to the right of the Add button. Should you wish to start again click the Trashcan to the right of the Add button. The images you select are then removed from the batch list, but remain in the files folder.


add photos 2

When you are happy with your selections its then time to start choosing the parameters you wish to include as part of your batch process.


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