The Bees

The bees gallery is a series of images of the humble honey bee at work.

Shot exclusively with the Fuji HS20EXR, this series of images was shot over an 18month period from early summer 2011 to the summer 2013. All images have been edited using Photoscape 3.6 and Neat Image for noise reduction. Click on any of the images for a full sized image.


2 Replies to “The Bees”

  1. Hi
    I always check this website because it appears to be the last one that keep talking and showing pics and comments about the HS cameras.
    I was a happy owner of an hs10, and as time went by , I could use all of the hs cameras, enjoying their versatility and excellent IQ ,
    (always remembering that we are talking about very little sensors of course.)
    Your pictures are awfull: the black and white is a poster printing to my taste ,the “butterfly effect” is very soft and beautiful,the freezing pics are
    very pleasing to see also.
    In fact I use this kind of images to show my friends what can you do with an hs fuji in your hands if you put a little effort and love in your work.
    Well,now I have the fuji s-1 and..yeah,it’s a very special and capable camera ,with many things that you won’t find in the hs series…but…
    what can I say?
    There’s a lot of things to miss in the hs 10 to hs 50, like their manual zoom, their much choices to configure options,their dedicated bottoms…
    May be pure “nostalgia” as we say in spanish..
    -Or not. Who can judge?
    Anyway, congratulations for your great work ,pictures and dedication.


    1. Thankyou for your comments.
      I have just sold my XA2 and associated equipment.
      I still have and use the HS20 and may well try and find a good HS50 as well.
      I have been very quiet of late with my photography, work and age are getting in the way a bit.
      I will still be posting comments and images as time rolls on but it may not be too often.


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