2 – Batch Editing … Selecting filters.

Now its time to select which filters you wish to use for the batch process. For this exercise we will start with a reasonably light process.

select filters
Fig. 3

In Fig. 3 above you will see that the Filter tab has been highlighted and a set of selection sub menus are now available. There is a large array of options here. For this batch process we will only look at doing a light tune up to our images. By selecting the options showing in the filter selection panel, the intended result is to have the Automated Levels & Contrast process running with a light sharpening as well.

This selection is good for just applying a light process to images that are reasonably well exposed and only require a minimal amount of post processing. Make sure you have clicked the Apply Filters button or nothing will happen. (easy to overlook )

select additional filters
Fig. 4

In Fig 4 you will note the the image has changed color. For this process I have selected Sepia from the color alternatives buttons at the bottom of the filters list, and as you can see the box has been ticked to select this option. All the images in this process are going to be Sepia as a finished color type. You could of course choose to make the images Black & White for example for a different impact from the images.


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