The resounding sound of silence

Where have all the Fuji’s gone…

Usually by this time of the year we start hearing rumours or announcements from Fuji as to what the make-up of the next generation of enthusiast cameras is likely to be.

By the first few days of January this year we knew what the new cameras were and when they would be available in store. By this time last year we certainly knew there was a couple of new players in the mix that being the HS30 and the HS25 as well as several lesser versions of the HS series cameras.


Of late we have seen the announcements of the new XF1 & XE1 from Fuji, but there has been absolutely no rumours, leaks or otherwise as regards replacements for the HS30 and the XS1. Forum members at Dpreview have announced that the XS1 has now been put into the “clearance end of line” section at Jessops UK, Amazon has yet to follow. Is this the first indication that the troubled XS1 is going to have a successor? Jessops is a very large camera outlet in the UK so perhaps there really is something in seeing the discontinued sign. Clearance page here.


I certainly hope not. As much as I feel the XS1 is still priced a little on the high side and its had some serious faults, which to Fuji’s credit, they eventually acknowledged and have since replaced the sensor/lens assembly for those who needed it. XS1 users are reporting this process as being successful and providing improved performance. In terms of design I think Fuji has got it right with the HS & XS series super zooms.  Cameras that offer virtually everything that a entry level DSLR does, wrapped up in a one size fits all package with the superb manual zoom lenses and external controls is a very nice piece of kit.

Image quality in these cameras while not perhaps DSLR level, isn’t in the right conditions, lagging too much behind their DSLR cousins.

So why then this ringing silence from Fuji. Have they something really cool up their sleeves, such as X-Trans sensor for these cameras. Now that would be very nice!!


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