Continuing the Macro Challenge

Send me your images if you want to  to show off some HS20 macros..

Now that the warmer & brighter weather is slowly coming my favourite small subjects are getting busy. The object of this particular macro challenge is to get bees in flight, fully focussed and with the wings stopped in motion.

This is more difficult than one may think as you have to shoot in shutter priority , at ISO 400 or higher ( not the best ISO for good IQ) and even at 1/2000 sec there’s no guarantee that you will get the shot, that’s how fast these bees flap their wings. Generally I have the EV adjusted to +1.33 to +2.0 depending upon light. The reason for this is that the HS series cameras don’t have a fixed aperture, but one that changes depending upon focal length.

I try to keep focal length under 300 mm equivalent as this lets the camera work at f4 to f5, which is where the camera sharpness seems best. I dont use super macro as its too hard to try and track bees in flight, so standard macro does the job.  I will try the macro lens filters as well, just to see if there is a difference. HS30 owners & HS10 owners have digital zoom available so you should be able to get some pretty good results.

All the following images are shot in 16:9 (L) format as this is a nice balance between image and speed of write times to the sd card. I almost always shoot burst mode (top 4) set at 5 frames per sec.

You can see more here at my Flickr account – Bees


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