Christmas Cheer

Hopefully for most of us Christmas will be a time of family and fun, and for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere, holidays at the beach.

I haven’t been posting much lately ( you may have noticed 🙂 ) partly due to pre Xmas workloads and partly because I rather stupidly tried to remove a portion of my left thumb with the table saw in my workshop. I was doing the last bits for the feet of the home theatre towers for the lounge.

I only had one or two cuts left to do and got a little careless, for which I got a rude reminder of just how dangerous rotating machinery with teeth actually are. So if you intend doing a spot of DIY around home over the holiday break, take care and dont shortcut .. IT HURTS!!

As to new Fuji’s .. even Fuji NZ have been very very quiet about what might be announced next year, so like everyone else we are all playing the waiting game. Perhaps the Mayans are right and the end of the world is nigh. Perhaps Fuji know this and have decided not to make any new models, only time will tell. 🙂

Merry Christmas to you all and a prosperous New Year.



4 thoughts on “Christmas Cheer”

  1. That’ll learn you! Hope it heals well and may you and yours have a brill Christmas and all that..


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