New Fuji’s for 2013

Early indications are now appearing that suggest an upgrade to most of the Fuji   bridge camera range including a hinted at more “Robust” Bridge camera. It looks like the X series will receive some form of upgrade as well, but details are sketchy.

Fuji has announced that there will be a formal press announcement Jan7 at the CES expo, so not too long now before we get more concrete information.


3 thoughts on “New Fuji’s for 2013”

  1. In the meantime, the online discounting of the HS30 has to make it the bargain of all time. One site is selling them for $A218 (plus freight). After almost 12 months with an HS30 (a purchase prompted by this blog I might add) I haven’t too many complaints. It’s no DSLR but it’s not meant to be.


  2. A prosperous new year to you and yours Tony.
    You are right, its no DSLR, but these cameras do have some very good features that a DSLR doesn’t, at least not for the same money. Macros and long telephoto to name a couple.
    Hopefully the new generation will see a faster AF speed & write speeds, two of my main complaints with the HS series and also I believe the X-S1 owners as well.


  3. Interesting lineup:

    the SL1000 and HS50 look interesting:

    For me, I have not been that happy with the HS20 and have purchased a Canon Rebel T3i (600D0) and like it much more. One of the issues I have wit the HS20 is the slow autofocus, the Canon is so much faster. I feel the bridge camera is a comprmise in its features.
    I still have my S5700 and it is a great backup. Also have a JZ300 and it is great for a “pocket” camera!



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