Blue Moon…

Woke up to a stunning mid Autumn morning, watched the Ag chopper spraying fertilizer whilst having a coffee and noticed the moon was just hanging there in a spectacular deep blue sky. I just had to get a shot.

Shot with the HS20 (of course ) 🙂


5 thoughts on “Blue Moon…

  1. Nice one – of course with your HS50 you could have seen the stones on the bottom of the craters! Sorry, didn’t mean to upset you. For your next lunar assignment you will have to try for a genuine blue moon – the second full moon in a calendar month.


  2. Hah!! with the HS50 and 2 x digital zoom I should be able see the Apollo lander 🙂
    I’ve seen some good attempts recently with the HS50 being used for Moon shots.

    With a good tripod and really calm atmospheric conditions I should image you would get something equivalent to a small telescope.


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