So you want to buy an HS50 eh?

Well unless you are happy to deal with one of several direct importers or buy from online stores, the only bona fide camera shop currently stocking the HS50 is Photo & Video International in Christchurch.

I had a very informative chat with the local genuine Fuji stockist, and we discussed the apparent lack of new cameras coming to market here.
After checking the Fuji warehouse, it was noted that the HS50’s were showing as in stock in the warehouse. It transpires ( for whatever reason ) that Fuji’s new product release comes 6 months after the rest of the world, this is with Fuji NZ sourcing direct from Japan.

This means that by the end of July or early August we should see Fuji advertising the new release of cameras to market here. Apparently they don’t do early release here as they prefer the stock levels to be run down before introducing new stock.

I thought about this for a while after I got back home, and even though I understand the logic behind this action, given the world we live in today, that’s really nothing short of daft. As I said to the salesperson in store at the time, 6 months ago I was in the market for a new camera. To date I haven’t yet purchased one as I really was looking forward to at least having a play with the HS50, but I intended to buy the Pentax K30, the only reason I didn’t was that the Pentax’s don’t come with a flip out or swivel LCD.

This may seem a trifle trivial, but I am finding bending and kneeling becoming more & more difficult. I have worked in the building industry for 40 years and physically it taken its toll, so for me the movable LCD is a must. I could buy a Canon or a Nikon, but I have a shelf full of very good Pentax lenses so I will continue to wait. Hence my desire to have a play with the HS50.

Now by the time Xmas rolls around and the prices have settled a little we will probably know more about whats likely to be in the 2014 release from Fuji.So is there a XS-2 in the wings or an HS70 with an X-Trans sensor? Fuji doing a lot of R&D and model release at the moment, so anythings possible.

“Whats a poor boy to do “


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