Has Fuji got it wrong again?….

First images of the new Fuji Finepix S1 as seen at Fujirumors

A 50X lens ( and still the f2.8 to f5.6 ho hum lens )  with motorized focus. Personally I can’t imagination anything worse. Fuji had a unique article with the HS series, but they appear to have had a major brain fart and decided to copy what the opposition is doing. They had it in their grasp to make a really stellar bridgecamera and they have completely lost the plot.

I think the opposition have pushed the motorized long zoom bridge camera about as far as they can so what the thinking was in the marketing and sales division at Fuji beggars imagination. If you were trying to piss off loyal Fuji fans ( me included) this is definitely the way to do it, given the fiasco they had with the X10 and XS1 it appears they have learnt very little in the past 12 months.

What do you think of this camera? Leave a comment.

Anyway here’s a piccy of what it apparently looks like ( I hope I’m wrong )




4 thoughts on “Has Fuji got it wrong again?….”

  1. What a shame. My first long zoom bridge was a Lumix FZ50. Brilliant camera (optically) and with manual zoom. When they disbanded the manual for motorized zoom, I discovered (well Photo & Video discovered it for me) the HS30 & I bought it – manual zoom and a good wide angle – which the FZ50 lacked. Then along came the HS50 with its much faster focussing and other clever features. And now it has become a collector’s item? Shame on you Fuji.


  2. This looks to be just one of their MANY budget superzoom bridge cameras and not a replacement for the HS or XS cameras.i suspect we will see the next gen HS camera announced over the next couple of months.


    1. Hopefully that is the case, although they usually announce the lower tier camera HS & S series at the same time and release more X series models over the coming year.


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