Dual Camera shoot outs.

For those who may not have seen these here’s a couple of comparison videos I watched lately that show just how well some Fuji cameras stack up against their competitors.



Fuji XS-1 Vs DSLR This is an interesting matchup and has me reassesing buying an XS-1 as a replacement for my aging HS20

If Fuji can incorporate a little less zoom and a XS1 sized sensor or slightly larger in an HS60 style bridge-camera, then they would definitely get my attention. The worry is that Fuji may discontinue any form of serious bridge-camera. Hopefully the S1 model is simply a stopgap model while a new XS or HS series  bridge-camera is under development.

Interestingly I still see a lot of new XS-1’s coming to market, so I suspect Fuji still has good stocks of the XS-1 and so long as they honor the replacement of faulty sensors it will still be a good option if you don’t need the extreme reach of the HS50.

Regarding the HS50, it appears that Fuji has improved the sensor somewhat as some of the imagery I’m now seeing from the HS50 almost rivals the XS1 for image quality.


5 thoughts on “Dual Camera shoot outs.”

  1. Very good. Now how about a shoot out between the XS1 & the HS50? BTW, your
    next blog asked me for a password??


    1. I’m looking for an XS1 Vs HS50 video. As soon as I find a good quality one I will post it.
      The password is for my family only so just ignore it.


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