Heading into winter.

The end of Autumn is now not too far away and winter is lurking around the corner.

Its time to break out some warmer clothes. Its also a time of the year that I like a lot photographically and the acute sun angles and warmer light can make for some very nice colorful and contrasty images. Autumn (or Fall ) colors are always vibrant with the changes in color to the vegetation, especially if your are lucky enough to live in the countryside as I do. Unfortunately we went from severe drought conditions to subtropical rains over the past two or three weeks and sadly this hasn’t been a good time for taking photos.

As I haven’t yet replaced my HS20, I will continue to document the changing of the seasons, and other interesting things with this trusty workhorse.

Admittedly I would like to have replaced it by now with something faster and more responsive, but alas there is still nothing available that makes a good replacement for it. I would consider a revamped XS1, but that requires purchasing from off shore as a lot of local XS1 stockists don’t know about the original XS1’s woes and they still have the original stock in store. It apparently has sold very poorly here, so what stock is available is mostly from original shipments. The HS50 isn’t really a consideration as it brings only minor improvements in IQ, and this is where I want to see a greater improvement in the camera, but at this point in time it is unclear if Fuji will continue with a premium bridge camera, which personally I consider to be a big mistake.

Fuji has focused on the upper tier market ( rightly so ) but there is still a large pool of amateur/enthusiast photographer that would like the convenience of the all in one concept with the ability to go from Macro to Telephoto, and incorporate the manual zoom, which I personally find to be considerably faster to operate and more accurate in execution than a powered zoom.. An improved 1/1.6 or 1.1/7 sensor would be excellent and still have the ability to maintain a very good overall lens performance. If this were the case I would still be happy with something in the order of 24/28 mm wide to 600/700 mm tele. Add to that the intelligent digital zoom and you would have a class leading camera that is capable of very good performance and be a serious contender as an alternative to the bulkier and lens hungry ITLC and DSLR cameras.

Fuji already has most of the manufacturing base in place for this type of camera, but we Fuji users have got to support them when products of this level come to market.

Lets hope Fuji is listening to its clients and already coming up with more interesting models.

In the meantime I will endeavor to do some more photographic work with what I have.



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