Mantis Vs Bee Vs Wasp.

Noticed this little battle going on in the garden whilst trying to shoot Bumblebees.

The Mantis had caught a bee and was in the process of having lunch when a German wasp decided it wanted a piece of the action. End result the Mantis & Wasp had a dispute as to who the bee belonged to, the bee was dropped in the process and the wasp beat a hasty retreat when the mantis decided it would do as lunch. Amazing what goes on in the garden unobserved.

Battle for the Bee.

In the above image, processing was via Neat Image for noise reduction and improved focus.

Photoscape was used to finish adjusting , hue, curves and contrast and light levels. This is a 40% crop of the original image shot as 16:9 in EXR DR mode. While not perfect it was the best of the 4 shot burst sequence.


3 thoughts on “Mantis Vs Bee Vs Wasp.”

  1. Well done – certainly an image with a story line. What’s with Neat Image – difficult to use? free?


    1. Thanks.
      I use Neat Image for shots where focus is a little off and there is a high noise (ISO) level. Photoscape handles most of my processing otherwise.
      Generally I will sharpen and noise reduce first in neat Image and then finish all other adjustments in Photoscape.

      Neat image is free to use but is limited to Jpeg only output in the free version. Other output options are available in the paid version.

      It takes a little time getting used to the methodology behind the program, as its not instantly clear as to the process.

      Its well worth downloading and reading through the user manual/guides to get a better handle on how to get the best out of it. Its a very good software package and once you have a understanding of its features there a lot you can do to rescue all sorts of noisy or other image problems. And the best part is the Demo version is Free and fully functional with the limitation I mentioned above.

      Well worth the effort on downloading.


      1. As a footnote: I displayed the image on my 42″ Plasma HD TV – Full-screen it looked really good, better in fact than on my HD monitor, which is so high a resolution any flaw is glaringly obvious. The plasma is how I test to see if a large print will look okay as the resolution is similar to what you get in large prints.


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