XA2 – night shooting

For the first time in two or more months we had two perfectly clear , moonless nightsky. The Milkway at this time of the year is setting in the western sky by mid evening and the Southern Cross is fast reaching it lowest point in the Southern Sky.

Each of the following images is comprised of 5 – 20 second subs that have been stacked and aligned using Siril & RawTherapee. The images will form the basis of a new tutorial using these two software packages.

These images were taken using the Fujifilm XA2 working at ISO 3200 and f3.5 @ 16mm. The setup for this type of photography will be added at a later date.

The second image in this set shows the Large Magellanic Cloud ( LMC ) and the Small Magellanic Cloud (SMC), with the latter being top centre of the frame.

Each of the images below is one RAW frame converted to Jpeg to show how the RAW files look before processing.

Both these images are 33 megabytes, and contain all the data in an uncompressed format. If you wish to try your hand at editing them they are available for download when you click on them and select view full image at the bottom of the slideshow. Wait for the image to load then right click the image and choose save image.


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