Post Processing Astro photos


The method I use here is in all likelihood  may be different from your approach or what you may have been used to. The choice of editing software will also have some bearing on this as well.

As I use Linux, my editor of choice is Raw Therapee. It is a comprehensive package and very similar to Lightroom and other commonly used packages. Apart from its feature set one of the overriding reasons is that it fully multi platform, so no matter what system you use, be it Linux, Mac or Windows there is a version for you. Its also free and its feature set  rivals that of other more expensive offerings.

For the stacking of images if you are a Linux user its a little more limited. I can run most windows software using Wine or virtual box but theres always a trade off in operability therefore I prefer native Linux solutions. Fortunately there is a very good solution in the form of Siril. This is essentially Iris for Linux with a better interface and is my stacking tool of choice.

You can of course use anything you like, but for the purpose of this series these are the two packages that will be used from start to finish.

As an added bonus both these packages are free, and if you feel so inclined you can donate a little something to the folks who have developed Siril.

  1. Introduction To Astrophotography.
  2. Camera settings for astrophotography
  3. Taking the Images
  4. Astrophotography Post Processing Software
  5. Select the editor and Image
  6. Editing light & colour
  7. Stacking the Images with Siril

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