Heres why I haven’t bought a new bridge camera

The best video article I have seen about why a lot of new cameras and some lenses arent worth the money.

I’ve looked at the likes of the FZ1000 / 2500 and the Sony RX10 Mk1 – 3. They offer an electronic focus assist from the manipulation of a ring around the lens and while some folks will finds this handy, for those of us who have had an HS series or XS1 bridge camera will know you just cant beat a manual zoom for speed and accuracy.

Add to this the the lower tier bridge cameras are all electronic zoomers and are geared more towards the videographer and you can see where the problem shows up. This is well shown in the video and looks set to be an issue , especially in the all in one style cameras. I cant help but feel the Fuji have missed a large segment of the enthusiast market by not continuing with the XS1 and upgrading it.

I should add here that he Fuji cameras (hs 20 etc ) are manual zoom with electronic ring focus and do suffer from this malady as well, but at least they dont inflict both focus by wire and electronic zoom as well as most of Fuji’s competitors do.


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