The new kids on the block…2

The  Canon EOS 1500d/2000d.

Canon have said this is the direct replacement for the EOS 1300d.  They suggest that this is the camera for the more advanced beginner/enthusiast that want to refine their photography a little more but keep it within budget.

I’m not sure this camera achieves this, and heres why. 

With the EOS 3000d/4000d you are buying a stripped down version of the EOS 1300d. Most of the items that aren’t in this camera but are in the EOS 1300d are not necessarily going to be missed or noticed by the entry level buyer.

You still get the same sensor, video, WiFi, and all the other basic settings that the EOS 1300d offered, just in a slightly cut down version. Bottom line is you could take great photos with either camera.

Add to that that the new price of $698.00 NZD for the new 3000D and the new price for the 1500D of $898.00 NZD, doesn’t really stack up when all you are really getting for your extra money is a later model sensor @ 24Mp.

Unfortunately you dont even get an updated processor with both cameras supporting the Digic 4+ processor. So do the missing items from the 3000D which are included in the 1500D equate to and extra $200.00 NZD? Personally I dont think so. At the moment the EOS 1300D is on special at Photowarehouse for $598.00 NZD with the same kit lens as the two newer models, so unless you absolutely need a 24Mp camera grab a 1300D while they are still available at this price.

Now having said all of the above it should be noted that often what you get in  a seemingly mild update such as the 1500D appears to have had, is not immediately apparent. You can often find that things have been tweaked a little. It may be that you will find it starts up faster, focus may be a little crisper, card write times may not be delayed as much. All of this wont be apparent to those that haven’t bought a DSLR before but if you are stepping up a little to the EOS 1500D/2000D from a EOS 1200D or a 1300D please share you experience with us.

At the end of the day and no matter what the critics may or may not like, it all comes down to user satisfaction. If you get what you want and its easy to get good results no matter the equipment, then thats all one can ask. Feel free to report back to us here on your experiences with any of these new models, it always good to get your feedback.


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