Coming soon ….a new toy

Well not a toy as such but a Canon EF-S 55-250 mm IS ii lens. In the continuing drive to keep photography affordable I was able to get this lens off of Tradme for $142.00 NZD which is approximately $103.00 USD a pretty reasonable price.

Considered as the entry level zoom lens it matches nicely with the standard 18-55 mm lens offered by Canon on most of their APSC cameras.D3S_0297-0600

Whilst it sports a plastic lens mount it is considered by many user to be a lens thats somewhat overlooked but punches well above its price point and spec list, and as such has a very good reputation as a quality mid point telephoto lens. In terms of reach in 35 (FF) equivalence it would be 400 mm.

There are many reviews to be found regarding this particular lens and the review by Ken Rockwell pretty well sums up how it performs. I will add my own thoughts to how this lens performs once it arrives via courier in the coming week.

For those that read my previous post “Is an old camera cost effective” will know to date I have spent a Total to date = $286.34 NZD, on buying a used DSLR. We can now add the recently purchased Telephoto lens to the list, totalling so far a total outlay of  $428.34 NZD or $309.00 USD at today’s exchange rate. Whilst we dont have the latest equipment on hand it has cost relatively  little to buy a very low shutter count DSLR that came with the EF-s 18-55 mm and the EF 50-300 mm lenses and carry bag and we have now added the EF-S 55-250 mm lens to the kit. Definitely still within budget when you consider my seven year old HS20 EXR was $699.00 at the time I purchased it. More to come ….


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