Easter expedition …Pt.1

This Easter Sunday saw us at the Glen Afton Line open day. This small Bush Railway is a great chance to view and ride on some of the less well known work horses of yesteryear. There are several Heritage Rail clubs and societies dotted around New Zealand and most offer an interesting day out.

I will be going back in winter to get more images as there was simply too much to see and too many people for us to contend with this day.

We took four cameras with us, the Canon 1000d, Pentax MZ-6, Fujifilm HS20 EXR, and the good old Samsung S6.  The film images will be a couple of weeks away as I haven’t finished the roll of film  in the camera, 22 images taken on the day but theres another 14 to use yet.

All the digital cameras did well, the DSLR moreso but the HS20 was still up to the challenge and I got some images I wasn’t expecting from the HS20.

I have edited the first batch of images and these are from the Canon and are a mixture of black and white edits and colour. In some cases the same image was edited both B&W and colour primarily because they lent themselves to such treatment.

As always click each of the thumbnails for a full resolution image. Use F11 in your browser to go full-screen. Some of the images look the same but are either different focal lengths  or different edits of the same image. Part 2 will contain the Canon colour images.


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