Easter Expedition..Pt.2

Following on from the B & W edits from the Canon are the colour images. In general I think the colour isn’t too bad. These were all edited from the RAW files. I’ve never been a fan of Canon colour especially in their Jpeg output but the colour from the RAW file edits isn’t too bad.

While not in the same class as the colour imagery from Fuji cameras it isn’t the worst I’ve seen. Bearing in mind that the 1000d is a ten year old entry level DSLR  I’m happy with these images. It is evident looking at the Fuji HS20 jpegs ( I dont shoot raw on this camera) that the jpegs have a definite colour and contrast punch thats not in the Canon files. More tellingly though was how much highlight loss the Fuji was showing even when being shot in EXR DR mode with Auto DR used. There’s considerably more highlight clipping in some images. Fortunately most can be cropped out at least partially.

Below are the edits I have done, in colour, from the Canon Raw files. I shot RAW+jpeg but in almost all cases I deleted the jpegs and processed the RAW images. As with Part.1 each image will take you to the full sized file.


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