Easter Expedition .. Pt.3

Images from the  Fuji HS20EXR And the Samsung S6

This next series of images is from the FujiFilm HS20EXR.  These images are all unedited and straight from the camera. Shot as Jpegs, using in camera settings that work with the cameras output, there is very little post processing required.

The images are shot as what you see is what you get, with only slight adjustments in Ev depending upon lighting. In most cases the camera got it right although some highlights were a little blown on a couple of images. In comparison to the Canon however the images lack the broader Dynamic Range of the larger sensor in the 1000d. All in all the HS20 acquitted itself well, considering that the Image stabilisation isn’t all that reliable after my having dropped the camera some time ago.


Images from the Samsung S6

I didnt use the S6 much as we had enough to do with the other three cameras, but the few images I did manage with the smartphone certainly dont lack for punch and colour. It easily rivals the HS20, and in some cases beats the image quality of the HS20 as well. The advantage in  favour of the HS20 is the amount of zoom where as the fixed focal length lens of the S6 is all you have, although you can use digital zoom when taking the S6 shots, its not pretty and I cant recommend using it.

The last in the series will be the processed scans from the 35 mm Pentax MZ-6 which are still a few days away as I’m still looking for suitable subjects for the last few exposures.




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