Winter photography….

Its never very good weather at this time of year and this winter is no exception. It also happens that my birthday falls due at this time of the year and for a change I felt like doing something different to celebrate. Therefore we decided on a trip to Tauranga & the Mount I grew up in this area and this is also where we started our family before moving to our current location.

After visiting my sister we decide on getting some good old fish and chips for lunch and venturing to the local marina for a well earned lunch and a few photos. I had the 1000d with me and the EFS 55-250 lens and the Pentax MZ6 with the 28-90 DA lens and a roll of Ultramax 36 loaded. The Marina shots were all taken using the 1000d.

Conditions were pretty ugly as usual for winter with poor light and fairly heavy overcast. These conditions tend to make for fairly soft images with poor dynamic range. Some careful post processing however brings things somewhat more true to life.

I decided to let the camera decide with it set to “P” mode and auto ISO, something I wouldn’t ordinarily do as I like to shoot with a set ISO, very much as I would when using the Pentax.

Below are a few of the images I designated as keepers, there was a great deal more that I didnt select as they just lacked impact, both colour and contrast wise.

Perhaps my favourite photo from the above lot is the ” Autohelm Quartet”

As a colour photo it really lacked any impact but treated as a black & white it produced a better feel. Its worth remembering that a lacklustre colour image my well yield a much more impactful image when processed in this manner.

On the way home we stopped in at McClarens Falls in the Kaimai ranges to visit an old summer favourite. The Falls no longer have the volume of water over them they once did and the majority of the water flow and volume of water has been diverted for power generations. As I didnt have a tripod with me I had to try and get long exposures of the Falls with the camera braced on the edge of the walkway bridge from above the Falls.

This image is handheld with a 0.3 sec exposure time, which is extremely low for handheld exposures. There is a tiny bit of motion blur evident in some of the rock but the overall effect was what I was going for. Had I had a tripod I would have run the exposure at about 2 seconds.

The Pentax was used at the beach and I only exposed 13 images, therefore I will need to find some additional subjects before using up the film, which will have the results shown in another post. I continue to be pleased with the 1000d. To date there have been few instances where I felt the need for a camera with a better sensor or more AF points. This once again confirms my thinking in that cheap older gear used with care, can cost very little and yield good results.


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