Canon 650D and the Southern Cross

One of the reasons for purchasing the new ( to me) Canon EOS 650d was for astrophotography. The 1000d while a good basic camera had a sensor that was too noisy to really give a good astro image. No so the 650D with its 18 mp sensor. We had a good moon free night last night with the centre of the Milky way over head and the Southern Cross lowering over the old cowshed at the back of the house.

Looking into the centre of the galaxy in the constellation of Scorpios. One Processed RAW image. Completed image will be a stack of 10 individual images. Right click & Select view in a new tab to view the image full size, its a 24 Mp image.
IMG_7281-dark redduced
This image was taken on the following night from the one above. Conditions were very good. This is a single frame processed using Darktable and Neat Image for noise removal. Darktable has done considerably better dealing with the chromatic aberration in the mark II lens. The original Mark I lens is on the 1000D, I may need to revisit that lens as it didnt seem to have the same aberrations that the newer lens has. Note the more reserved processing using Darktable. I’m not sure which processing I prefer at this point.

Looking southwest, the constellation Carina lies on its side above the power-pole and the coal sack region and Magellanic clouds are visible. Stacked image comprised of four frames. Note the light trail left by a passing flight heading for Auckland.

Right click & Select view in a new tab to view the image full size

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