The Mirrorless Wars

Things looks to be taking a turn for the surreal. For those of you who have been following the announcements from Nikon and Canon regarding Full Frame (FF) mirrorless cameras, you will be aware that Nikon is about to formerly unveil two new mirrorless cameras next week.

My initial thought is why? And then the thinking started and one of the first questions was would a FF mirrorless camera bring enough to the table for Pro Photographers to consider swapping their kits for a new camera setup. Thats one very big and expensive jump to make. I cant help but wonder why manufactures haven’t, especially in Nikon’s case at least offered an APSC version first to gauge interest, and test technologies before heading into the flagship area of their offerings. Sony has shown that a well made FF mirrorless offering can be very well received but they are not without a few niggles along the way.

Tony & Chelsea Northrup’s video ( see below) is a very interesting look at the possibilities of mirrorless eventually phasing out DSLR’s, which has alarm bell ringing in some DSLR quarters. The video is well worth the time to view and can produce a few chuckles as well.


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