Photokina & New Cameras

Its been a number of years since I have seen so much anticipation about the new tech coming onto the market. In the past Photokina has been a bi-annual event, but as from next year its going to be yearly.

To kick off this weeks events at Photokina there has been a rash of new camera equipment coming to market, Starting with the new Nikon “Z” mirrorless full frame cameras, quickly followed by Canons new mirrorless full frame offering the EOS-R2227030038

Not to be outdone and as some have suggested usurping the spotlight, is Fuji with the new XT3 followed this week by Panasonic announcing the new S1 & S1R full frame mirrorless cameras. Sony have been staying quiet as have Olympus but I expect to hear more from the show reports as the days go by.

With all the full frame cameras coming to market you may wonder why Fuji hasn’t done so, but I think this is really smart on Fuji’s part. The XT3 rivals the Sony 7r-3 in many instances, and at a cheaper price point.fujifilm-x-h1-18-55mm-f2-8-4-kit

I will go out on a limb here and say that the XT3 is a considerably better all-round mirrorless option than the new breed of full frame rivals. With Fuji’s excellent lenses, colour science and film sims coupled with excellent 4k video and at roughly half the price of the canoncompetition, Fuji may well have a runaway success on their hands, Certainly most of the serious reviews thus far are more than flattering.

Is it a perfect camera? No, but its damn close. For me the perfect camera would be the XH1 with all the added features of the XT3. Fuji XH2 anyone? Like many I’m waiting to see what other gems are hidden inside the wall of Photokina’s event centre, until then we can only speculate.



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