After the dust settles….

…. and the post mirrorless euphoria that was Photokina week has worn off, where do things stand?

Was there  a clear winner, if so who and more importantly what?

For me at least, the winner in the mirrorless stakes has to be Fujifilm with their XT3. It even has the temerity to best the Sony A7 III in some of the video stakes and is an outstanding stills camera.

The most intriguing award though, for me at least, has to be ZEIS ZX1 full frame compact. Sounds like a contradiction in terms doesn’t it. Full frame and compact in the same sentence. Frankly as compacts go its a biggy, but I think the imagery will be stellar.

Cannon and Nikon bring up the rear especially after the announcement by Panasonic re their full frame offering. Sony of course have been conspicuously quiet, which begs the question what exactly are they up to now?

No matter how you look at it this year has seen some astonishing changes in the imaging industry in regards to camera gear, with the promise of a lot more to come. Good things ahead for those who still prefer a proper camera for photography.

Having said that, Have you seen the new Samsung Note 9?  … hold that thought.

Image courtesy of samsung NZ

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