2018 in review..


Its been a while…. we look back at 2018 & say goodbye to a YouTube legend.

2018 has been an interesting year for those of us who like new things to play with. I shant delve into all of the things that have been brought to the consumer, theres just too many, however their have been a few highlights:

Some of the most notable of these has to be the arrival of the XT3, EOS R, Z6 & Z7, Panasonic’s announcement of a 3 way collaboration in equipment design and manufacture as well as their announcement that they too are getting on board the Full Frame Mirrorless train.

On another front we have seen the Sony “Star Eater” issue, I’ve questioned the pricing of some camera equipment, continued to delve into the used camera gear market, done some comparison work with older gear, looked at some of the reasons for printing your images, looked at what a frugal photographer can do on a very limited budget, and a host of other smaller issues.

On a somewhat more sombre note I learned, as a good many of us did in the past few days of the passing of Matt Ballard. Some of you will doubtless be aware of Matt’s You Tube channel “Art of the Image”, its also in my Favourite Channel list in the sidebar. It appears that, like so many others Matt fell victim to an insidious condition, which saw him leave behind a world thats so much the poorer because of his passing. It is not for me to comment on the why and wherefore of events that lead Matt down this path, suffice to say his good friend Peter Gregg, says it eloquently.  


So whats left to do as we hurtle towards Xmas 2018 in a little over a week from now?  Well firstly , look after one another and spend some quality time with friends or family, get out in this summer weather and take lots of images, or if you are having a white Xmas take lots of photos too.

In today’s extremely busy world still images and video are possibly the best way we have to record and remember past events. Memory doesn’t always work so well as the years roll on and past recollections can become muddy or completely forgotten. 

As to 2019 and Akiwiretrospective, well I’m not entirely sure at this point whether to continue with the current format, or to stop further work here. I have thought about doing some collaborative work with other local photographers. However I hold down a full time job, which as I approach retirement (couple of years to go ) I find to be ever more taxing on energy and effort levels, and that the time required to keep this blog going is becoming increasingly burdensome. With that in mind I may for the next few months at least reduce to one article a month. If you have a specific topic or item you would like to contribute or an idea for upcoming articles I would be pleased to hear from our readers, so put in a comment, or email me direct if you have ideas that are of interest.

Until the Xmas break is over , take care, have an excellent holiday period and I will see you all in the New Year in some form or other.



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