Work Station Upgrade.

Regular visitors here will have followed the digital Darkroom series I recently completed ( You can find the links in the side bar or main menu listings) , the start of which was talking about what you need when editing using a PC or Laptop. My preference will always be for a desktop PC although I do have one of the latest Samsung tablets as well that I can use for mobile photography. Having an ergonomic or comfortable desk is very much as important as the computer you use. In my case I was using a compact corner unit desk I built some time ago, however I have never been a fan of having a sizeable PC case taking up desktop realestate.

With than in mind I jumped on YouTube to see what I could find. I found this.


I knew straight away this was the design I would use as the basis for my new desk. I elected to leave out the extra drawer that is shown in the video as this helped keep the height of the top of the table exactly where I wanted it. As the components I use to power my i5 based editing rig included a full height video card and a larger than standard CPU cooler I needed to make the componentry drawer deeper.

I also flush mounted a 22 mm momentary switch into the front face of the drawer, and it sits about 1 mm higher than the panel face to make it easy to press. Thats it, no extra led or anything needed. I dont need power leds or hardrive leds, its pretty obvious if the PC isn’t running.

The table top is made from five 150 mm x 20 mm Macrocarpa boards and is 1800 mm in length with a depth of 650 mm. Framing

and legs are made from American White Oak and are tapered to give the whole thing a slight retro look. I liked the knot detail in the wood so much I choose to finish the top with semi gloss water based poly. Four coats in all. Now I have a much better work surface and it no longer feels crowded and cramped when I’m using it. As I had all the component parts in stock this cost me nothing but time to finish.

You could build your own desk like this very cheaply with some ply or even MDF and paint finish the project.

As always, Happy Snappin’


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