Canon 600D & an all in one solution.

I haven’t had a lot I time with the 600D so far, but I spent a few moments in the garden today taking snapshots of this & that. Below I have posted a couple of photos from this mornings lot. These two images are the only ones I have kept of about twenty images in total.

They are shot at ISO 800 and a shutter speed of 1/500th sec, with the 18-55 IS II kit lens, and I have to say I’m reasonably pleased with the performance of this lens. For a kit lens its no too bad. Sharpness in the photo of the rose is more than good enough for me to print at A3 size which is all that I really require from a camera and lens combo.

As for the all in one solution. There has been a scarcity of lenses in the used market in the 18-200 & 18-270 range. Indeed at this present point there are none listed for sale. There is however a smattering of good used 18-135 mm Canon lenses for sale. Giving it a little more thought I decided to pull the trigger on a lightly used Canon 18-135 mm IS lens for the princely sum of $200 NZD. Well within the Frugal Photography requirements. A new STM version of this lens would run to $788 NZD and the USM version is currently for sale new at $995 NZD. Anyway you slice it, the lens I was able to buy was a bargain and while it might not be a world beater performance wise its certainly a step up from the standard 18-55 kit lens that came with the camera. Eventually I will move on both lenses in favor of an 18-270 or similar, however for now this will do nicely.

Once the lens arrives in the mailbox I will endeavor to get some sample images sorted and displayed here for others to compare.

One of the most noticeable traits of the 600D is how noise free the images are at ISO800, moreso than the 650 & 700D’s I’ve had in the past. Its no doubt one of the reasons Trevor Jones of “Astro Backyard” found it good for astrophotography. Some of his images taken using a 600D are outstanding, definitely check out his YouTube channel.

All in all, so far I’m really liking the 600D.

Happy Snappin”


One thought on “Canon 600D & an all in one solution.”

  1. The kit lens 18-55 is a much better lens than many ‘Pros’ give it credit for. I use Nikon gear and find the image stabilization allows for quite slow hand held shutter speeds. The short focal length is probably a factor here. My 18-135 lens was a usefull length, like an idiot, I sold it. I used to worry about not having a super zoom lens (150-500/600, also moved on) but I look for photography that fits in with what gear I have these days, and I do not miss the weight. I currently have my 2nd dslr listed and will look for a bridge camera to replace it.
    The 600D by all accounts is still a good camera.


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