Canon 600D Astrophotos & 18-135mm f3.5 -5.6 IS lens.

An extremely cold night under the stars with the Canon 18-135mm f3.5 -5.6 IS lens.

I shot the lens at 18 mm and at 135mm to get a feel for the ability of the lens. I found it to be reasonably well corrected with a certain amount of coma and chromatic aberration at the edges although to be fair not as much as I had anticipated.

As always with Canon DSLRs the 600D tends to be red heavy on the sensor. I have yet to determine why this is the case with these cameras as it makes post processing difficult. Ambient temperature was a balmy 2 degrees Celsius when I began the session and was subzero by the time I had finished.

The first image is a wide field view – shot at 18mm, ISO 3200 for 15 seconds. A stack of eight images.

The Coal Sack, Southern Cross and eta Carina region.

The second image is shot at 4 seconds at 135mm as is the third image. A stack of thirty three images.

Eta Carina Nebulae region.

The third image is of Messier objects M7 and M6. The larger of the two star cluster is M7 at center frame. Stack of twelve 4 second images.

Messiers 6 and 7.

Having a proper mount to sit the camera on would be a big benefit. The lens looks to be quite useful even if it isn’t an f2.8 lens. Currently I am considering getting an iOptron Sky Guider Pro and a suitable tripod to mount it on.

As always Happy Snappin’


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