Panasonic GF6-first photo shoot.

Having had little to point the camera at lately and with Autumn being reluctant to show its colors I finally had a photo opportunity to come via air to fill the gap.

The local Heli Ag chopper flying around over our southern boundary. The Panorama shot is an approx. 100 degree sweep looking south east to south west as seen, with southeast being the left side of the image. The farm land shown encompasses about 75% of the area being sprayed and the images range from approx. 2 kilometers to 500 meters from me. I was using the 45 to 150 mm kit telephoto lens, shooting mode was P mode with Auto ISO, as I wanted to concentrate on focus and panning the camera and of course a little composition as well.

With this type of camera I’m back to shooting without an EVF so composing via screen with grid lines to help with framing. I ended up boosting the ISO to around 500 for a lot of images to ensure a faster shutter speed. For an older camera it still focus pretty well when keeping continuous focus going, but I do miss the speed of my DSLR a little and even my Xa2 was a hair faster in Auto focus. Once I was aware of this it made getting usable images easier. This was my first outing with the camera doing a proper photo session over the course of an hour. I ended up with a number of keepers and good deal of so-so images, which I will eventually bin most likely.

Here’s a few processed images, all shot in Jpeg, Raw is too slow for this type of photo shoot with the GF6. Some I’ve edited to give a little more body to what may have been a less interesting image


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