A 4 1/2 year slump…

I’ve been battling a lack of enthusiasm for things photographic on and off for a number of years now and I have finally figured out why.

Fuji XA2 Photo.
Taken with the Fuji XA2 and the XC 16-50 mm.

I write this to help clarify things for myself but just as importantly I write this for all aspiring photographers. I have just spent the last several hours going through my posts here at the blog and bringing up to date some of the index listings and found an article I wrote back in April of 2017.

Having then recently recovered from many weeks of rehab for a work place injury, I had just prior to the accident sold my Fuji XA2, and was intending to buy a Panasonic or Sony Bridge Camera, either an RX or FZ model. At the time I hadn’t decided. Due to this prolonged period off work and to cover extra medical expenses, I had been forced to use the funds from the sale of my Fuji gear. I hadn’t truly recognized that this was going to be an ongoing problem. I had been enjoying photography and was keen to continue.

Unfortunately lack of funds was going to be a real hold back, hence my Frugal Photographer series of articles. Several different cameras later I was still very much irritated by having to compromise because of these events. I missed the spontaneity and color and filters I had had with my Fuji camera. These things were available in the cameras I was looking at but at two to two and a half thousand dollars was outside of my budget, and wasn’t likely to be something I could buy. Even the used prices were well above my budget. This led to a period of what I will call photographic depression or as is often termed a slump. Not only did this effect my desire to take photos but also to document my photography here at “Akiwiretrospective”, leading to a lot of self doubt about the blog and whether I wanted to continue photography as a hobby.

Compounding all of this was the best part of 2 1/2 years of lockdowns and restrictions thanks to covid. Despite the faltering economy this will be the first time in 3 years that the whole country looks like it will be able to enjoy, Xmas and New Years and the summer holiday season. Lets hope Covid doesn’t rob us this year. Coupled with this over the first 14 months of retirement has been an incessant, relatively minor series of health issues. Most now seem to behind me so I’m looking forward to a summer of photography, although at this point I’m not totally sure as to what path that will take.

To help with that I just bought another camera. The Panasonic GF6 is going to be used by my wife, as part of her ongoing artwork. She’s looking to incorporate some new things into her work so that should be interesting. I’ve settled on a platform and know how I want to proceed with camera gear and I will document that in the next post.


2 thoughts on “A 4 1/2 year slump…”

  1. Retirement brings on its own set of issues (usually medical based) that don’t help. Once my dslr dies, I will have to be taking a hard look at if I will carry on with the hobby. I notice a lot more hand shaking when holding the camera these days. The asking price of older gear on Tme is more than I paid for those bodies and lenses five years ago.
    Sunsets and sunrises are times when a warm living room or bed take priority over getting out there. I think that I am slowly heading into the ‘twilight zone’ of my photography.


    1. I agree Arthur, some of the prices I’m seeing on TradeMe make me cringe. I did however pick up a bargain on Wednesday when I was in Tauranga. I saw the camera on Trademe and the owner lived at Papamoa so that was handy.
      I hadn’t intended to get another camera before Xmas but this was just too good to pass up.
      You’re right, health issues become far more of an issue from around retirement age. I have damaged nerves in my neck and right shoulder and notice that I dont hold things quite as steady as I used to, I will in the coming years opt for an older Pentax DSLR if it becomes more of an issue, they have had inbody stabilization for ages and with stabilized lenses are pretty good.
      I will post about the camera in the next day or two. In the meantime, stay dry 🙂


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