Why we take Photos..

Like many of us when the weather is crappy outside, I tend to trawl through YouTube, looking at all sorts of things. Like many of you I have my favorite YouTube channels and you can see a list in the side bar a little further down the page.

Given how I have felt about my own photography hobby over the last couple of years, this video from Adam at First Man Photography was very timely, gently reminding us that no matter what is going on around us, first and foremost photography is for our own enjoyment, peace of mind, or whatever you want from it and is not a competition but an artform. Watch the video right to the end, not only for some beautiful images but to hear Adams story, well worth the watch.


One thought on “Why we take Photos..”

  1. I find that T & C are too ‘cheesy’ for my taste. The English based channels are usually quite good,, but why do they all go out on a day shoot, wearing backpacks that could hold a weeks worth of tramping gear?

    I like the video. Adam talks about photography needing to be your own art. He’s right, I like capturing a lot of styles that others might think ‘blah’. I just take photos that I like, and do not bother posting them. Although my ‘ Waipa Sports Images ‘ page is about posting albums of local sports that tend to cater to the expectations of the clubs and individual sportspeople.
    The 700D should be a good camera. I use a D800 nikon from 10 years ago, and I love the colours. 36mp helps with cropping when needed as well.
    Enjoy the camera.


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