Another camera joins the family.

After buying the GF6 twin lens kit I had always had in the back of my mind the desire to get another camera. A larger sensor and good manual controls being essential, astrophotography was one essential process that I wanted to be able to pursue.

I ruled out mirrorless almost immediately apart from the GF6. The sensor size being too small in the GF6’s case ruled that out as well. Pre-owned mirrorless here in NZ is still too expensive, which meant a DSLR would be the choice. I have been waiting quite some time for the right camera to come along, my preference being Canon, but not necessarily limited to one brand.

Call it luck or perhaps divine intervention – I had planned a trip to a city a little over 1 1/2 hrs. drive from where I live to see my sisters, one of whom was visiting from Australia, and I hadn’t seen her in the best part of 3 or 4 years. I had been scanning the local online auction sites and a camera was listed for what I would call a bargain basement price.

The photos showed what appeared to be an almost new camera, no marks, dust or blemishes of any kind and at $350 NZD I hit the buy now button as the vendor was in the same town as my sisters and would be available for a pickup the next day. The camera came with a Jenova camera bag, battery and charger. Upon getting it home I discovered there was a second genuine Canon battery and a 32gig SD card. The bag had a usb connector cable as well as a mini tripod with a camera or phone mount on it for mobile vlogging. The lens attached was a 18-55 STM lens with UV filter. I already had a spare Canon battery charger and spare battery at home so that gives me three batteries, more than enough for a day’s photo or video work.

To top it all off the camera has only taken 1960 images and still has that new camera smell to it, you know what I mean. So, what is the camera? Another 700D. I had enjoyed my time with the previous 700D although there were quirks about it that irritated me. For whatever reason this particular camera has none of the irritations that seemed to plague the previous 700D.

All functions work flawlessly, and this camera appears to have a slightly updated focus system although it might just be that my previous camera had AF issues I was unaware of, regardless this unit focuses considerably faster than my previous 700D.

Hopefully the weather Gods granting me favorable weather, will allow me some day and nighttime shots. One of the most pleasing aspects of this purchase is I have everything (and more) that I need for a very small sum of money. Given that the previous 700D cost 500NZD just for the camera and lens, without a spare battery, camera bag or SD card the new camera was a bargain. While the average cost of second hand DSLR’s is generally much higher especially for better mid-level and above cameras you can still bag a bargain, you just have to be patient and keep an eye on the local auction sites.

Taken with Canon 700D with the 18-55 STM kit lens @ ISO 100 F8 – 1/200sec. Cropped 50%. Note the water droplets at the center of the rose and the fine veining.

A larger version of this image can be found here

For a kit lens that’s pretty sharp. I used the camera in Macro mode as a close-up test with the rose approx. 300mm (one foot) from the camera. In this mode the lens/camera is producing some nice bokeh with a small plane of focus. There is little to no noise in the image. It appears the newer Digic 5 processor and sensor do a nice job. I had noise reduction in the camera turned off. This was shot as a Jpeg. So far it looks like this camera is a keeper, more to come….


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