Testing the 700D & kit lens

You often here people say that a camera that has a kit lens doesn’t give good results. In the past kit lenses have been notorious for poor quality and were hit and miss at best.

I dont believe thats true any longer. While a kit lens may not be as tack sharp as a prime lens, nor as bright, today the kit lens that comes with a new camera is invariably a good lens.

Theres a great deal of snobbery foisted around in photographic circles when it come to this subject. Sure there are bad copies of certain lenses, but by and large these days what you get is pretty good, and with a price a quarter or less that of premium lenses, for a good many of us all we can afford or really need.
The XC 16-50 from Fuji and there XC15-45 are both very good performers, as is there XF18-55, hardly what I would call a kit lens.

The same can be said for the 18-55 EFS STM lens that came with my recent purchase a Canon 700D. I haven’t yet settled on the lens that will be bolted on the camera 99% of the time. The contenders are Canon’s 18-135 STM and 18-200 IS lens. Also in the mix is the Tamron 18-270.

But for now I’m satisfied with the performance of my current 18-55 STM lens. It is notably better than my previous 18-55 IS III lens that I had on my 650D. That particular lens was also very good but this newer lens is significantly better.

With no shortage of willing participants I simply lent on the fence by the house and snapped away. Even the local Agri-chopper turned up for a spraying demonstration.




A woolly jumper.


I dont think he can see me.


About to get wet.


Climbing over the top.

For a kit lens this ones a keeper. Easy to print nice crisp images at A2 or A3 or like I do at a4. Dont forget to show your standard zoom lenses some love from time to time, you may just be surprised at what they can do.

Happy Snappin.

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