4 – Batch Editing … Convert and Save.

Now that the Filters and other parameters have been set, its time to convert the images and save them. This all happens as one process. At the top right of the editor you have the Add, Convert All and Convert Current Photo, buttons.

We need to convert all our images at one time so we need to choose Convert All.

save batched files

As can be seen in Fig. 7 selecting the Convert All button brings up a new selection window. There are a number of steps we need to consider here and the first one is Location of Saved Files. To start with and until familiar with this process I suggest doing the Following:

Select – Save your photos in the designated folder.

Click the button below this option and change the directory to one named converted images or something similar as this will help identify the folder. Do not at this point use the default save location.

Naming Files – I suggest leaving it set to Save as the same name ( good for locating originals later.)

Image Format – If you use Photoscape and your camera outputs a different file type ( other then jpeg ), I suggest setting this to Jpeg as it is a visual reminder that you are saving the format you want.

Jpeg Quality – Set the slider to 100% as you want the highest quality output.

Etc – Miscellaneous settings. Check Maintain Exif Information, check Preserve file data ( geo location for example), check DPI and set it to 300 as this is best for printing output &  resolution,  required by most print companies.

Once these settings are set as you require, click the Save button at the top of the selection window and you will see the batch editing indicator running. Once complete you should see a small process complete notifier on screen as seen in Fig 8.

conversion complete
Fig. 8

And that’s it for a simple batch conversion process, you’re done. All that remains is to check the images are to your liking and in the appropriate folder.

You will have noticed that there are a number of other settings that this tutorial hasn’t touched upon. I will cover these in another Advanced Batch Editing tut a little later.

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