Batch Editing with Photoscape 3.6

When returning from a trip you often find that working your way through hundreds or thousands of images and sorting and editing them becomes almost too much to contemplate.

Photoscape provides a easy way to help speed up the process.

The first thing to do is sort your images. How you do this will determine how fast you can batch them. I tend to sort them into individual folders with the subject as the folder name. For example Cats & Dogs could be added into one folder called pets. You may further separate them into individual folders inside the main subject heading.

Landscapes could be sorted the same way, mountains, desert, farmlands etc can all be sub sorted under the major heading of landscapes. As you do this you can further sort these by adding one folder to put all the under or overexposed images in that need some post process work.

Essentially you are treating these images in the same manner as you would have if they were film negatives. By sorting into categories like this you simplify the job in hand. Software such as Lightroom can sort your images to a degree, but I prefer not to hold all the images in one large library. This is of course a personal preference and you may well choose a different method.

The image below shows Photoscape in Batch Editing mode.

layout screen


The following are the keys areas for this tutorial.

  • A.  Thumbnails of current files in selected folder.
  • B.  File folders in directory tree.
  • C.  Selected files for batching.
  • D.  Add files selector button
  • E.  Convert all selected files and save.
  • F.  Apply Filters for batching.
  • G.  Filters selected for processing.
  • H.  Open any saved configuration files.
  • I.  Initialize selected configuration.
  • J.  Save favorite settings as a configuration.

Most of these commands are fairly obvious in their use. In the step by step process you will see what each command does.

Start Here …

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