Hand straps….make your own or buy one?

Strap Types I have never been overly fond of camera straps, most of the neck straps included with your camera are not particularly comfortable and I hate having a one to two kilo brick hanging around my neck, its just plain uncomfortable. Nor do I like wrist straps for the same reason. My preference is for a hand strap often called a hand grip, which … Continue reading Hand straps….make your own or buy one?

Introducing the Fuji XA2

We opt for the Fuji XA2 as the new camera to replace our aging Fuji HS20EXR. While it was not the first choice for a replacement as we really were hoping for a updated HS50, Fuji announced that they were withdrawing for the immediate future from the super-zoom market especially models with a manual zoom, something that is a must for a serious photographer. With the arrival of … Continue reading Introducing the Fuji XA2