Fuji HS10 Vs HS20EXR

Fuji HS10 Vs HS20EXR.

Well my business lease expires at the end of this month for the HS10 and I was considering replacing it with the HS20EXR. I have had to reconsider that for a while at least as there are some issues with the HS20 at present.
These issues are:

  • Unreliable auto focus
  • Overheating
  • Live view display dimming when focusing
  • Fungus in the lens
  • Cracks in the lens
  • Sticky zoom
  • Very poor video output

These are some of the problems associated with the new camera as reported by new users in several forums. When its sister the HS10 came on the market there were a few kinks that needed to be worked out and these were eventually worked out with the updated firmware, which improved the cameras performance quite noticeably. One can only hope that the physical problems eg; scratches etc are sorted in the quality control smartly.
Perhaps of more importance is the over heating problem which seems to be the most prevalent as there are two schools of thought about this. Firstly thats its a software error and that the actual temperature during operation is being mis recorded and secondly thats its a physical problem to do with the amount of energy being drained from the batteries too quickly. If the second condition is indeed whats happening then the only recourse will be to send the camera back for replacement, assuming that Fuji has rethought the issue. As yet Fuji has not acknowledged that there are any major or minor problems with the camera.
This is not surprising as the camera has only been available for a couple of weeks. However the amount of reports of faults given the very small time its been in shops is a very worrisome sign.
While the HS10 did have its teething problems, they were relatively easy to sort out once one updated their firmware. The problems being experienced with the HS20 seem to be on a different scale entirely.
My recommendation would be to wait a couple of months for these issues to be acknowledged and addressed by the Fuji technicians. I really would like to use the HS20 and be able to do a side by side comparison for our readers but at this time that doesn’t seem likely. Stay tuned folks. For those of you who have purchased the HS20 I will direct your attention to the Fuji Talk Forums as its constantly being updated with information for the HS20.

Posted by R. McKenzie at 11:01 PM  

  1. Hi Anon.
    I would agree, the HS20 is better, but not necessarily by as big a margin as people may think.


  2. I am currently considering both the HS10 and HS20. While my primary desire is actually to shoot highspeed video, I am also looking forward to taking a variety of still pictures with a new camera.

    It looks like the HS10 is capable of higher FPS at the same resolution (in 640×480 HS10=120fps HS20=80FPS). Stats on paper con be misleading however. If the HS10 requires more direct light on the subject, or the compression level results in lower detail imagery then it won’t likely work for me.

    I am an instructor of Japanese sword and I intend to use it to capture the exact movement path of the sword as it cuts.

    Any advice would be appreciated.


  3. I would opt for the HS10 for video work. It doesn’t suffer from the AF problems we have seen with the HS20

    The HS10 also allows you to shoot at 1000fps HD for doing slow motion video photography. I have seen some really well crafted video clips of the HS10 being used in this way.Check YouTube for HS10 videos.Check out this video

    Fuji HS10 specs show you the range for video use. Have a look here.http://www.fujifilm.com/products/digital_cameras/s/finepix_hs10/specifications/index.html

    The HS10 is a very good stills camera as well.
    I have several galleries of HS10 shots you may be interested in. It really was quite underrated as a stills camera.

    Hope that Helps a little.


  4. That is exactly the kind of thing I needed to hear. Camera should arrive within a week.

    Thank you very much


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