Fujifilm X-T100… coming soon

Fuji have recently announced the new X-T100. Current pricing isn’t available as yet here in New Zealand but if the Canadian price is anything to go by I’m expecting to see it enter the market at the $1000 to $1300 dollar mark. This will be slightly above the XA5 and below the Basic XT-20.Fuji-X-T100-mirrorless-camera2

My initial reaction was “what were Fuji thinking?”  The camera is being touted as a new entry level mirrorless camera, which begs the question, are they going to discontinue the XA line, which has been hugely popular in the Asian market and had good uptake in other markets. Personally I think the X-T100 has more appeal to those of us who dont want to outlay quite as much as one would for an XT-20 but does want a more traditional body with EVF.

Dont get me wrong, I loved my XA2 and now wish I hadn’t sold it (aint hindsight grand?), There were times however when I found that the XA2 didnt quite hit the mark with the AF and the lack of an EVF had its drawbacks, primarily in bright sunlight. As I’m not a video shooter, apart from the odd clip for YouTube, the lack of fps in 4k mode in the new X-T100 isn’t really an issue.

The new lens however, as I have mentioned previously is an issue. Its focal range is too narrow and the lack of manual zoom is a major drawback although video shooters will appreciate the motorised zoom.

Lens and 4k shortcomings aside it looks to me like Fuji could be on to a winner in the entry level mirrorless range. A similar size to the XA5 it not short of features to aid both the beginner and more experienced photographer. Its certainly a model to watch for the future. Currently I’m waiting to see which of our local stores is going to offer the X-T100, hopefully it doesn’t wind up being an online only type of offering.

In the video review below from DpreviewTV, Chris Nichols reaction to the new lens pretty much sums up my feelings on it as well.


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