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  1. hi ralph fuji hs 50 is now being sold on qvc in the uk for 469 pounds thought you might like to know your john


    1. Thanks for the heads up.
      That equates to $856.478 NZD plus freight plus import tariff, with no warranty. Fuji wont honor any warranty if its outside NZ. Unless they have changed the warranty since I asked them about a year ago.

      This puts the camera somewhere between $900.00 & $1000.00 NZD and quite frankly its nota good enough a camera to warrant the high price tag.

      Interestingly if I can import one for around the $900.00 mark then I have no doubt its initial retail price will be between $1100 & 1200 NZD in a retail outlet and that pretty much equals what I posted price wise in this post


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