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 Astrophotography  articles and tutorials.

  1. Introduction To Astrophotography.
  2. Camera settings for astrophotography
  3. Taking the Images
  4. Astrophotography Post Processing Software
  5. Select the editor and Image
  6. Editing light & colour
  7. Stacking the Images with Siril
  8. The Sony a6000  Are you considering astrophotgraphy?
  9. Shooting with a half Moon
  10. Astrophotography & the 700D
  11. Imaging the winter nightsky .2020
  12. Canon 600D Astrophotos & 18-135mm f3.5 -5.6 IS lens. July 2021

Budget photography.

Frugal Photography Series



 Canon Articles – General

Canon 1000d Image Series 2018

New Cannons for 2018

35mm Film Photography

The Digital Darkroom

Photoscape & Linux  ~2016


Fuji and the road ahead – 2014 – what’s next?


Fuji HS10

Fuji EXR Technology

Fuji News

Fuji HS20

Samsung Note 9 & Fuji HS20 and the Seabird Coast


Fuji HS20EXR Review Series

Which camera is best .. the battle for your dollar Pt1

Fuji HS30

Fuji HS50


Fuji XF-1

Fuji X series Cameras

Fuji XA-2

Fuji XA-3

Fuji XA5

Fuji X-Pro 1

Fuji XS-1

Fuji X10

Fuji X-T100

General Topics & News

ISO and its uses

News items

Image Series

The Glen Afton Line Easter 2018

Guest Photographers

Mirrorless Camera …various articles.

The Macro World

Non Photography Subjects

Photography Forums & Schools

Post Processing

Printing Images

Pentax DSLR’s & Superzooms

Pentax SLR’s

Pentax MZ-6  2018

I Now Have Twins!!  2019



10 thoughts on “Main Index”

  1. i hi ralph could you help. i have a hs20exr and i want to use the rule of thirds. what af mode should i use to focus on the subject thanks john r


    1. Hi John
      I’m assuming your are using the inbuilt grid overlay for your imaging. If not I would turn it on as it helps a good deal with framing your shots. Its accessed from the Disp/Back button at the lower left of the rear of the camera.

      For framing in a rule of thirds situation I tend to use AF set to single shot, focus on the subject and half press and hold the shutter button until I have the framing right. If you wish to use other AF modes you can, just use the same technique for all of them.

      You could also set your AE/AF lock button to lock the focus and then recompose the shot accordingly. I tend to use the first of these two methods as I have my AE/AF lock button permanently set to lock the exposure, prior to composing the shot.

      Try both methods and see which feels more natural and intuitive.



  2. Hi Ralph
    I have been going through all he articles on the HS 20 before the new site started, and i found it useful to read through the articles in chronological order. It seems that the archive area would be the way to search previous articles. However the oldest posts are from July2012. Is there something that I am missing?


    1. Hi stefan
      No you aren’t missing anything, rather the posts only register from the time of the first post on this site. All the other information is contained and accessed via the indexes. I add links to posts weekly in both the main section of the index and on the more camera specific sub menus.
      This came about through the transfer process as the chronological process wasn’t maintained for the new site, so all the info is here in the form of separate pages, use the search bar for specific info or the menu system. If there’s something specific you want to find and cant drop me an email and I will send you the link.

      As a rough guide, everything HS10 is from 2010 and HS20 is from 2011 to now.
      The only pages missing, but still accessible are some of the image series which are still viewable from the old site. Hopefully in about a week all the image series will be here as well.


  3. Hi Ralph
    i am not sure into what category this question would fall into, so pardon me if it needs to be in another category.

    It concerns the saving of the photos into the computer.I have a HS25 which replaces a HS 20 that went faulty and could not be repaired under warranty )
    I shoot a mixture of single photos as well as sequences ( continuous burst of a number of pics to capture an rapid event)
    The supplied Fuji software renames the photo when it copies it to the PC
    However I find the saved pictures on the PC are not named in the sequence that they were taken

    If i select the date and number option in the fuji software, then all the single shots are displayed first , then the continuous shots are displayed.

    If i select the date /time text option then the the sequence of single shots to the continuous shots are correct, but each group of continuous shots are not in the correct sequence

    It is very difficult to sort out thereafter.

    The only way I have found is look at the exif data and manually rename the file

    Has anyone found a work around for this?




    1. As I haven’t had a play with the HS25, by the way is it as good as the HS20? I will use the HS20 for reference.
      Normally the number you see in the LCD of the camera is for in camera reference only. It usually adds a prefix to the number. For instance my camera reads for the last photo I took (this is the in camera number)113-3818.
      When I view that file in windows explorer before I transfer it I see DSCF3813.

      I also have a burst shot still in camera that reads 113-3797
      These files when viewed from windows now show up as S0013797. Depending upon camera settings you then see a numerical sequence of numbers for that burst shot.
      The next series of burst shots will start with something like S002xxx

      All my Fuji cameras do this and they always put the sequential frames at the bottom of the list when transferring files. It originally took me a while to get my head around these naming conventions but I’m used to it now.

      It is possible however that they have changed something in the newer HS series cameras.
      Let me know how you get on.



      1. Hi Ralph

        I am unable to comment on the image quality difference between the HS20 and the HS25 since from new the HS20 gave me
        substandard results. I eventually sent it back and they told me a week later that they had replaced the complete lens, but still were unable to calibrate it satisfactorily. They contacted me about 2 weeks later and they had decided to simply replace the camera with a new HS25
        Certainly the results I achieve now are much better than before with the HS 20 and i am most satisfied with it

        The naming conventions are the same for the HS 20 and the HS25.

        What you describe ( DSCF suffix for single shot and S00XYYY for burst mode) is what happens if the pics are simply transferred to the PC without automatic renaming.
        If automatic renaming is selected on the Fuji PC software, there are a number of renaming options available .

        I find that the automatic naming to be useful since the filename on the PC can provide data and time info and a sequence number EG 2012-07-20_4215.jpg. Thus i do not have to look at the exif data to see the date and time of the photo.
        If I view/sort per filename on the PC then I can view the photos in the order that they were taken–However if there is a mixture of single and burst photos then the renaming process is flawed since the burst shots are renamed to be at the bottom of the list (as you also have noted)


        1. I tend to take all the images directly off the memory card and straight onto the computer. I create a folder with the date they were taken or the subject name and use the images from there. They always import in a sequential manner. I don’t need any other form of information at this point.

          In explorer I view the files in details view only. Doing this provides me with all the basic information I need as well as a medium sized thumbnail showing the image. This is one of the nice attributes of Win7. Any other data I need cam be gained during PP or by using ExifGuitool.
          Here’s a screen grab showing what I see.


  4. hi ralph thanks very much for the advice on AF mode i tried them and it worked okay. Also i tried the area mode inaf modewhich also worked fine i am now taking better shots with camera.


    1. Nice to hear you are making progress with the camera.
      Now that spring is finally arriving I’m looking forward to getting out in some nice weather and clicking off a few photos as well.


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