2 thoughts on “NZ Rural Gallery”

  1. Just stumbled across your blog by way of NZ Photo Info…

    I love the way you have captured some typical New Zealand rural scenes – scens that any one of us can see as we travel around this beautiful country of ours. I especailly like the images of the old tractor – reminds me of a scene close to my home where we often take our dogs walking – see here http://www.jpegs.co.nz/selective-colour/

    There is now a link to your blog on my own blog.




    1. Thanks Rick, glad you enjoy the photos.
      We tend to travel through the countryside and not really notice it.
      Having spent a year as a pilot driver for the Roadside Mowers, I had plenty of opportunity to spend some time appreciating what we have on our back door step, and be able to record a large series of images.
      I’m always adding more to the galleries as time permits.


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