Store images online

How many off us are really getting the best from our image galleries.

If you are wanting to create more exposure for your work then, Flickr is one place, Photo Bucket is another plus there are several other options.

For bulk storage I use Google Photos ( previously known as Picassa ). I can then source them for anything I want, including adding them to the galleries here. There is also a new plugin for WordPress users, to create galleries in your WordPress sites from Google Photos. I will be testing this in the near future to see just how helpful it is.

But for those who want to generate more interest in their images and possibly sell some of their Images them 500Px is a pretty good option.

This link takes you to a new set of galleries I have created in 500Px. This will house full resolution images I feel good enough to be used in a commercial sense.

See this in action here at my Galleries.   This is a good option when you want fast exposure to your images.



FujiLove Global Walk 2016

Last Saturday (23/7/2016) was Fuji walk day and as it turned out pretty darn wet. At least here in Hamilton.

This walk is the inspiration of Tomash  & Fujilove Global Walk

A bunch of us braved the cold and wet to gather outside Snapshot cameras with our Fuji’s to see what we could see. We decided that a walk around central city areas was best as this would keep us out of the worst of the weather.  Continue reading “FujiLove Global Walk 2016”