Featured this August…

… Is long time forums member Adam.
Better known to those of us forum members as adzman or adzman808. I have always liked Adam’s work, especially his macros. I’m a macro fan as well so what better reason than invite Adam to say a few words and he writes:

“I’m a keen amateur photographer & have been since the mid 1990s when I studied at college. I really enjoy natural scenes, particularly pictures of animals. I like macros very much – many of my macros are spiders & insects – although many consider these creatures horrible (& I don’t entirely disagree !!) there’s something about their shape, poise & body composition that I find fascinating & macros are the best way to view them.”

While having no dedicated gallery website Adam has a excellent set of albums at Flickr and you can find him here  @ Adzman on Flickr
Our thanks to Adam for allowing us to exhibit some favorites from his albums.

Adam also told us that all the above images were taken using the Fuji HS20EXR. One of the great strengths of the later generations of Fuji cameras have been their Macro ability, and long may it continue.


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