Linux & Photoscape … one little oddity

I’ve found one curious bug in regards to Photoscape when running in the Linux OS.

When you save your file after editing in Jpeg mode,  the file is distorted and saved as black & white with lines running through it similar to the banding you see in newsprint.

This isn’t a major problem, more of an annoyance. I just have to remember to save the images as tiff or png. Tiff if I want the open version of the file and Png if I want the compressed file  version. Both these image formats display properly with no additional problems.

I dont think this is a Kubuntu or Photoscape problem, rather I think its a quirk of Wine the Windows emulation software, not properly writing the info to the file.

To date this is the only problem I’ve found using Photoscape with the Kubuntu OS.

I’ve also installed Raw Therapee ( Linux Version ) as my replacement for Lightroom. I actually find Raw Thereapee to be a superior photo editor, albeit a little more complicated to use. I will post future tutorials on the basic setup and editing processess using Raw Therapee. In the mean time download it ( its free ) and try it out.

Make sure that you work through the preferences setup first. I found that when installed the font was tiny and way too small to be easily legible, making it difficult to use the interface. There is an option to setup the font size as you want in preferences and on my 27 inch monitor I use Sans 13 point which works well for my sized monitor.


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