Update — Still No HS50…Still No Sign Of A Launch Date.

Having checked most of the major online retailers and my local Fuji outlet, sadly still no sign of the HS50, and to date no-one seems to know anything about it and there is still no pre-launch advertising. Is this a camera release by stealth, who knows, and at this point I really don’t care all that much.

Given this nonsensical approach to a product launch and Fuji’s behavior over the past twelve months its pretty much convinced me to turn my back on any further  dealings with Fuji. There are more camera makers in the market who obviously value their customers morose than Fuji.


6 thoughts on “Update — Still No HS50…Still No Sign Of A Launch Date.”

  1. See my reply to your next posting. They confirmed (via Fujifilm Australia Facebook) that it’s not coming to Australia “at this stage”. Hopefully you’ll have more luck across the ditch.


  2. “…let down by very slow performance.”
    It’s fast as. The only thing that I miss about the HS20 is the manual zoom. Otherwise, no complaints about speed. Focusing, storing. All good…


    1. Manual focus on the FZ200 would really get my attention.

      Oddly the FZ150 I had a wee play with seemed very slow in the zoom and write speed department. It could simply have been a poorly formatted card and low battery power as it was a demo model in the local camera shop, or maybe in need of a firmware upgrade.
      It was enough at the time to put me off buying one.


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