Canon 18-135 mm f3.5-5.6 telephoto lens.

The above lens arrived safe and sound about two weeks ago. Unfortunately with crappy winter weather, work and ongoing health issues I haven’t had a chance to really test the lens. I can say that it is in excellent condition and looks little used. This version of the lens is the original variant not an STM or NANO version.

The lens is fast focusing, and reasonably weighty. I don’t think I would want a heavier lens on the camera. The 600D isn’t considered a large camera body and lenses much bigger than this lens would quickly become cumbersome and front heavy.

One thing I was a little concerned about when buying a used lens was the possibility of lens creep. I’m happy to report that there isn’t any and the lens feels nice a smooth with no rough spots when zooming. It has a very small amount of resistance making the zoom action relatively light and smooth.

All going to plan , tonight will see the lens used for some astrophotography. I am hoping that there isn’t too much moisture in the air as I have yet to buy a lens heater band and temps are supposed to get down to -2C again tonight.

So just how much zoom do you get from a 18-135mm lens?  The images below are taken using a range of focal lengths from this lens. Note it was a frosty morning and the small mountain seen in the distance is approx. 15 kilometers away.

In landscape mode this is what you can expect. Unfortunately I didn’t take an 18mm photo, however you can still get an idea of the image scale from the images below.


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